Welcome to Même Chose where we can teach you how to create the accent circonflexe on an American keyboard.

Même was started with a clear mission, to make great shirts that fit women of as many body types as we could manage while maintaining only the highest standards for fit, fabric, quality and style.  Même Chose, the French translation for "Same Thing", speaks to a believe in the connection between focus and superior results. It is the brand's philosophy (borrowed from hundreds of years of chic French predecessors ) that the secret to looking and feeling at the top of your game is finding timeless items that work in repetition, generating as little waste and stress as possible. A self imposed uniform of sorts. 

Feel free to apply this strategy to a wardrobe, personal relationships, career. Name a challenge a great shirt cant fix. Nailing the interview? Seducing a suitor ? Dancing in your socks and underwear? 

Modern luxury has in a sense come to mean access to elegant solutions for a frictionless life, regardless of price. For Même Chose, that journey started with a perfectly fitting, slightly wrinkled, no-dry-cleaning-required shirt.  Keep in touch and see where we go next in our perfectly imperfect closet . 

Alison Bergen