Yep, that's us. Alison and Jessica. As you can see we love executive boardrooms and offices on top floors of extremely tall buildings. We love shiny surfaces and serious expressions that say "We mean business". We love looking out the window and, with slight vertigo, telling each other "One day, son, this will all be yours."*

Actually, what we do love is more women having access to the same thing. In fact we believe that all women deserve the same thing. That's why we called our company Même Chose. We believe that women of all shapes and sizes deserve to have access to the same clothes: that women should not be separated into two arbitrarily defined camps - straight and plus. We believe that women of all ages should be treated the same way. We believe that you should not be charged a "pink tax" for your clothing. We believe that you should dress as you please, and we believe in taking some of the unnecessary friction out of the process. 

We believe modern luxury is about finding elegant solutions for a frictionless life, and - in our case - a woman’s wardrobe. Creating a uniform... that's what we found we were both after.

As the ultimate wardrobe solution, shirts are the foundation of that uniform. Casual but elegant, you’re simply dressed in a shirt. Seasonless and timeless, you can wear it anywhere, any way.

Welcome to our world.  

*this is obviously not our office.