Meet the Magical Margarita Levieva - This Week's ShirtMuse

What can we say about Margarita Levieva that hasn't been said before? The infectious, vibrant, fierce and otherworldly actress, currently starring in HBO's "The Deuce", soon to be seen opposite Josh Hartnett and Bruce Dern in "Inherit The Viper" who once fled Russia to make a new life for herself in America, being a professional rhythmic gymnast, graduated from NYU with a degree in Economics (!) and then decided to conquer acting has seen and done almost all of it. A relentless reader, writer, student, dancer, lover, friend, she inhales life in big gulps with a passion and fearlessness we could all try emulating.

We asked her the same 3 questions about uniform we ask all our muses. 

What does uniform mean to you?

Whether it was being dressed for school as a Lenin pioneer, in communist Russia or walking out to compete in rhythmic gymnastics in my teams’ leotard, the idea of a uniform always connoted conformity. And though I am always tickled by seeing kids walk by in uniforms, my own helped me develop a sense of wanting to break out, to make things my own. So, perhaps dressing “similarly” to others on the outside for so many years, made me desire deeply to differentiate myself on the inside.

Today i dress as far away from a uniform as possible. My style changes daily and is most likely representative of my ever-changing mood. I usually dress very quickly without much thought, and the result is always something different. I love to mix styles. I think i unintentionally use fashion to play out roles. Sometimes I am a Russian spy and others a circus performer or a college professor. The only uniformity in my dress is that i prefer comfort over “high fashion”. The ability to break out into a dance in whatever i have on, is a must! 

How can uniform empower (or disempower) you?

A uniform can be empowering. It can give others a clear message into one’s specific individuality. I’ve always envied people who have found their “uniform” of sorts, who have defined their voice in their style, and who are consistent in that expression. That has certainly never been my modality, as much as at times, i had wished for it. I guess, my mish mosh of styles is my own uniform.

Who is your uniform hero or heroine?

Joan Of Arc.