Mamie Gummer

Meet the Marvelous Mamie Gummer

Mamie Gummer is an actress's actress. Without pomp, without vanity, without ego, she surrenders herself into every role she plays fully and truly. It may be those magical genes, but that only goes part of the way in explaining the grace, wit and sensitivity that radiate through everything she does, professional or otherwise. For this portrait she came to our studio through the pouring rain, 7 months pregnant, beaming and good natured, without a lick of makeup, slipped into our Gaitskill tunic, and opened up about her travels, her first pregnancy and her upcoming projects.  

As with all our shirtfiend subjects, we posed these three questions about uniform.

What does uniform mean to you?

What does the word uniform bring to mind? So many things. Sports. School. Military. Police (eek), etc. etc. And of course those smart uniforms they wear at Foot Locker with the referee jerseys. Although I guess that sort of counts as Sports? Anyway, “uniform” needn’t be associated with conformity. To me, it can represent solidarity. A group of people with a common goal. 

"There's power in simplicity"


How do you think a uniform can empower (or disempower) you?

I believe there’s power in simplicity. It takes confidence to enter the world free of complication and unnecessary… stuff. Right now I think everyone is dealing with clutter. Too much of everything that doesn’t matter. That’s why everyone’s watching Marie Kondo, right? I think a uniform can empower everyone to de-clutter their closet, and thus their brain.

Who is your uniform heroine or hero?

Obviously Obama. Did anyone have an answer other than Obama? How dare they. He only wears blue and black and grey, to avoid decision fatigue. If you’re making a dozen decisions a minute, you don’t have that much time to think about, y’know, accessories. Have you ever seen Barack wearing a paisley tie? Nope.


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