Lucy Chadwick

Meet The Lovely Lucy Chadwick

Lucy Chadwick, director of Gavin Brown's enterprise - one of the most forward-thinking galleries in New York - is a muse's muse. Quietly staking her claim as the most stylish gallerina on the scene, Lucy's looks are only superseded by her sharp wit. Her scholarly approach to her subject matter applies equally to her wardrobe - she thinks deeply about every element and has never followed the crowd in her taste. We like her ruffled up in the Stuart, but she can pull anything off. Here she is sharing some of her wisdom!

Every week we ask our shirtmuses to share her thoughts on uniform.

What does uniform mean to you?

Decisions on how we adorn ourselves are fascinating to me.  
Seeing even my not-quite-two year old develop a taste and specificity around what he wears underlined this intriguing primordial instinct for me - the instinct to wrap our bodies, and to the wrap them in a way that ignites intrigue. All that being said it can be an endless distraction. Hence my delight in a uniform of sorts.

"The instinct to wrap our bodies, and to wrap them in a way that ignites intrigue"


How can a uniform empower (or disempower) you?

At school a uniform felt liberating to me. It took the choice out of one decision in your day, which at school age was a relief. Now I definitely gravitate to a more individual uniform formed as much as possible out of an enjoyment for clothes, rather than from boring necessity. I dress in approximately 15 minutes so I have no time for procrastination. Although, in a bid to not send myself into an early grave of ‘same clothes all the time’ boredom, within those 15 minutes I try to entertain myself with the process.

Who is your uniform heroine or hero?

The French.


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