Kia Damon

Meet the Dazzling Kia Damon

Kia Damon is the kind of rare gem that keeps a city like New York alive and thriving. Originally from Orlando, this warm, thoughtful, curious and utterly creative young chef was working her way through the restaurant scene in Tallahassee when a friend let her know that Lalito was looking for a sous-chef. She arrived and in no time she had been made the executive chef. No surprise there, as her concoctions are so original and magnificent she should be in line for the James Beard award in no time. Since Lalito she has set up numerous pop-up dinners around town and been made the culinary director of Cherry Bombe, the legendary food magazine founded my our Même-friend Kerry Diamond. The future is bright for Kia.

Every subject is presented with the same three questions about the meaning of uniform.

What Does Uniform Mean to You?

A uniform to me means being prepared. It means showing up ready to get the job done. It means that I'm ready and that my mind is in the game. It also lets people around me know what I'm about. When I step on the line in my uniform, everyone knows I mean business.

"When I step on the line in my uniform, everyone knows I mean business"


How Do You Think A Uniform Can Empower (or Disempower) You?

I feel like a uniform can be empowering for sure. It's often used as a tool to establish sameness, but through my various uniforms, I have been able to explore how I choose to present myself to the world. My uniform has become an extension of my personality and my values. It's funny because I used to push the boundaries with my clothes all the time through middle and high school and even after. I would often wear something and see other girls rocking it the next day and I was eventually named most fashionable in my senior yearbook. I guess I'm trying to say that I love that I've always played with my clothing and my uniform has changed so much over time. I always felt empowered because I've always been able to choose. I've always had the choice.

Who is Your Uniform Heroine or Hero?

Janelle Monae is absolutely my uniform heroine and inspiration. One, she's a Sagittarius like me so we HAVE to stan. Two, she has taken a uniform and transformed it into a powerful tool that advocates for her individuality, sexuality, and gender expression. I adore her.

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