Juhi Singh

Meet the Sensational Juhi Singh

Juhi is a very special même-ber of our family. Founder of the Juhi Healing Center, she helped us surmount some of the most challenging moments of building Même Chose. We owe her a very special debt of gratitude. Born in Bombay and raised in the US, Juhi was confronted with the limits of Western medicine early on, when a perfect storm of chronic diseases came close to debilitating her life entirely. She began studying both Ayurvedic (notoriously labor intensive) as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to cure herself, and soon others. As we all know, the great healers have an intangible special quality that makes them intuit exactly how and what to heal, which Juhi has in spades. Be it her gentle acupuncture, energy work, Ayurvedic nutrition or spiritual counseling, Juhi’s touch is unmatched. Her work is especially prized by some of the world’s greatest athletes (we’ve got enough teams in NY, so let your imagination run wild!) but for us mere mortals, her work is life changing.

Every subject is presented with the same three questions about the meaning of uniform.

What Does Uniform Mean to You?

To me, a uniform is a social sign, a costume we put on, not for ourselves, but for our community to know what role we are playing at that particular moment. While uniforms can be seen as a sort of social constraint, as with art, working within constraints is what gives rise to creativity. You can put your own flair into a uniform, by the attitude with which you wear it, the accessories you add, the ways you find to make the rules meet your unique style. With a uniform on, the smallest difference makes a huge impact. If it snows in New York, no one is surprised. If there’s a snowstorm in Florida, it’s a wonder… Only by having norms do we have the opportunity to create something spectacular.

"Only by having norms do we have the opportunity to create something spectacular"


How Do You Think A Uniform Can Empower (or Disempower) You?

It’s a yin and yang principle which makes uniforms fabulous because of the ease with which you can express something different. Take a classic look, like black pants and a white button-down shirt. We’ve all had to wear this kind of uniform for a job, a group presentation, a school choir, etc...its simplicity and elegance can go from day to night and everyone has something in their wardrobe that fits the bill. There’s nothing unique about a white shirt and black pants until YOU put it on. Power is in a uniform when you wear it with confidence. You are what creates elegance from simplicity. The power is in you.

Who is Your Uniform Heroine or Hero?

In the spirit of this idea - expectation creates the unexpected, my uniform heroine is someone who refused to wear it - Katharine Hepburn. We all know the sort of “anti-uniform” she created to identify herself, baggy pants, suit etc. But this uniform that she made for herself, to identify herself, was her own statement against the uniform prescribed for women at the time. In an era where no female would have been caught dead on camera without make-up, Katharine Hepburn didn’t accept conforming and didn’t accept the gender-defining “uniform” she was expected to wear. But if there had been nothing that she was expected to wear, Katharine would not have had the opportunity to defy those expectations and create her own identity.

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