Joy Nash

Meet the Inimitable Joy Nash  

What’s in a name? When your parents pick “Joy” for you, you better live up to it. And, boy, does the fierce red-head ever. The stunningly talented actress seemed to appear out of nowhere when she took the starring role of "Dietland," that subversive, feminist dark comedy on AMC that was canceled far too soon. (are you listening, TV suits?). Groundbreaking in every way, Joy tells us it was the first time she was not asked to change a single thing about herself to get a part. Joy’s got a number of projects in the can, but she’s ready to play a muderess or a queen in case anyone out there is paying attention.

Every subject is presented with the same three questions about the meaning of uniform.

What Does Uniform Mean to You?

Intentional repetition.

"[Uniforms] make it easy for someone to know what to expect from me"


How Do You Think A Uniform Can Empower (or Disempower) You?

I love uniforms. They’re efficient and equalizing and make it easy for someone to know what to expect from me. And then it’s just as fun to do the polar opposite.

Who is Your Uniform Heroine or Hero?

Flight attendants. I bookmarked 15 years ago and have never looked back.


The One and Only Gabriella Karefa-Johnson