The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Même Chose Shirts!

From our charming pals, Theresa and Corinna Williams, at Celsious - the hippest laundromat in New York: here is the ultimate guide to washing your Même Chose shirts

Wash Only When (Absolutely) Necessary

Cotton shirts are safe to be machine washed cold with like colors and line dried. To prolong their life cycle, wash them as infrequently as  possible. If you do need to wash, opt for a cold water setting on your machine. Cold water is gentler on textiles and conserves energy. Before you wash, always make sure to unbutton your shirts, which helps reduce wear and tear. 

Ditch the Dry Cleaner!

Hefty price tag aside, conventional dry cleaning involves the use of toxic chemicals – traces of which will remain on your garments post-cleaning. It's damaging to your clothing, your health and the environment. And absolutely unnecessary! Any cotton shirt can be machine washed using water and bio-degradable non-toxic detergent.

Keep That White Bright!

To combat yellowing or greying of your white shirts, pre-soak them in non-chlorine bleach (like Sonett Bleach Complex and Stain Remover) overnight before you machine-wash. Collar stains? For optimal results, make sure to pre-treat them before you machine wash. All you’ll need is a natural soap (we swear by this Stain Removal Soap Stick) and a soft-medium bristle toothbrush. Wet the stained area, rub on the soap and gently scrub until the stains lift.

What about Wrinkles?

Make friends with your steam iron! While we love hand-pressing with our trusted Rowenta iron, a steamer will do the trick as well. No time? Toss your shirts in the dryer on the lowest heat setting and add some wool dryer balls to fluff up the fabric.